Loyalty program

Shopping with us is rewarding, that is why we have introduced AmatoryX.

What is AmatoryX? AmatoryX is not like other loyalty rewards every time you shop with us regardless of the amount you spend you will be given points.

For every £1 spent you will get 10 points, on all our products on our website, you will see the points you will get for every product.

Keep collecting points and reap the rewards. You can see your points balance within your account page and use these points on future orders or save them up to buy something with your points.

Little hint you will gain points for sharing our website with friends & family on social media.

There will be special offers on time to time with the points where you will be able to buy reduced priced vouchers to use on orders.

How do I keep track of my points? – In your customer account you will see the reward section and to make it even better for you we have placed a little rewards tab on the right-hand side of our website.

If you have any questions regarding points and rewards please contact our customer care team.

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If you have any feedback for our rewards program please send us an email or use our contact us page. We love new ideas and always look to improve on what we have.